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We have the perfect solution for you - the Albertissimo! With the Albertissimo, you use the law of leverage and your own body weight to vary the weight distribution and therefore the strength requirements on one side. This is what we call asymmetric training.

Fancy a one-arm pull-up? 💪🏽

With the asymmetric training of the Albertissimo board 💪🏽🚀 you can gradually make one side stronger, whether for the first one-arm pull-up or to increase strength in general. The strength distribution can be increased in 1% increments for each side, up to a maximum of 87%. Albertissimo allows you to personalise your training and make it effective! 💪🏽

Asymmetric training for one-arm pull-up 💪🏽🚀

Similar to pull-up training, the force distribution can also be adjusted using the leverage effect of the Albertissimo. Due to the non-centralised suspension of the Albertissimo, the athlete has to shift their body weight, which results in one side being loaded more than the other. The increase takes place in percentage steps. This means you can easily adapt the difficulty to your level and increase it continuously.

Variations are also possible, for example by standing on one leg, which trains your body tension at the same time.

Rowing with the Albertissimo 🚣‍♂️💪🏽🚀!

In the video you can see how the different suspensions force our athletes to shift their weight. This happens through the leverage effect, which causes a greater load on one side and thus creates new training stimuli. The grooves, which allow the difficulty to be adjusted, enable the leverage effect and therefore the distribution of force to be gradually adapted.

Body tension training with the Albertissimo💪🏋️‍♂️!

In this video, we want to show you how you can warm up and train your wrists and fingers ideally - anywhere.

How can you warm up for climbing with the Albertissimo board 🚀💪🏽👐🏼?

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Albertissimo ist einfach fantastisch! Die Trainingsvideos sind super hilfreich und motivierend.

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woman placing sticky notes on wall
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people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime